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Do my  "Stars" need previous dance experience?

No. In fact, we encourage you to select Stars that have no dance experience.  It keeps the competition fair and much more entertaining.

How does voting work?

Customized ballots will be provided to you by the Utah Ballroom Dance Company (UBDC). During intermission, audience members will be invited to vote for the performance they liked the best.

Will they really have enough time to learn a dance routine?

Absolutely. Routines are only 90-seconds long. Our

dancers have taught hundreds of Stars and are great at making contestants look good.

How does costuming work?

The UBDC provides costumes for the contestants.

However, in the event that we do not have a costume in the proper size, we will provide an inexpensive ordering option or work with the contestant to find something in their own wardrobe that will work.

How do I select my judges?

Choose 3 individuals who are entertaining and funny. They don’t need to have any dance experience or knowledge. We will meet with them before the show and tell them everything they need to know. The important part is that they make people laugh.

Are my local stars the only ones that dance in the show?

No, while the ballots are being counted, the UBDC will perform a

30-minute professional showcase.

Anything else that I should know?

No, the UBDC handles mostly everything. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show



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