We work to make sure that you get the largest attendance at your show as possible. From educational outreach at the local schools, dance master classes in the studio, to a special opening number incorporating up to 26 additional community members, we strive to promote the show in as many ways as possible. With so many people involved, you can guarantee that everyone will want to be at the most anticipated event of the season.

Getting the community involved




Performances in schools



Let us inspire and amaze the children with a professional showcase at their school. We bring the costumes and your kids bring the energy. Even the rowdiest of crowds sit in awe when the Utah BDC performs. Let us promote art in the school and educate your students about the history of ballroom dancing.



Want even more people at your show? Let us take up to 26 additional community members or students and make them part of our opening number for the show. Their friends and family will want to see them performing on stage. They only need to come practice one hour each day with the Utah BDC.

Community Opening number
Master Classes



Have local dancers that want to expand their craft? Or do you have children that just want to try ballroom dancing out? We offer master classes at schools and dance studios to teach dancers of any skill level new technique and figures.